Archetipi della videarte

Video Art Exhibition

Archetypes of Italian contemporary video art

Vicenza (Italy), Basilica Palladiana

July 20 – August 25, 2013

Opening Saturday 20 July 2013, 6 pm

Curators: Guido Bartorelli, Paolo Granata, Silvia Grandi, Fabiola Naldi, Stefania Portinari

ARType results from the desire of exploring some archetypes of contemporary imaginary as primary elements of human culture seen through the eye of art. Indeed, the neologism the exhibition’s title is inspired to is the combination of “art” and “archetypes”, in the belief that the experimental language of video art provides a privileged access to the complexity of anthropological structures in today’s world.
The exhibition was promoted by the Municipality of Vicenza – Department for Growth with the Fondazione Teatro Comunale Città di Vicenza, and was produced in collaboration with the University of Bologna – Videoart Yearbook, and with the contribution of AIM Energy.
The exhibition’s curators – Guido Bartorelli, Paolo Granata, Silvia Grandi, Fabiola Naldi, Stefania Portinari, professors at the universities of Bologna, Padua and Venice – have selected the works of thirty-six Italian contemporary artists and have referred them to six archetypes – ritual, play, territory, gesture, journey, the self – as six immersive environments of projection installed in the amazing Palladian space.
The idea of archetype, that transversally embraces the entire history of human knowledge, from the Classical tradition through the nineteenth-century humanities, has acquired an even larger symbolic value in the world of art and a social relevance revealed by the artist’s intervention. Indeed, the archetypal forms of human existence silently and quietly shape the realms of ordinary life; they affect our habits, our attitudes, our small daily gestures. And all of this happens because archetypes are original forms – arché/týpos –, ancestral displays of symbolic imagination, expressions of the collective unconscious rooted in the innermost spaces of the self and ceaselessly repeating themselves.
The destiny of art is breaking such monotonous sequence. Artists have always been the interpreters of a “vision” – this is also true of the wide range of original experimenters who work with the language of video, the expressive means that inherently aspires to subvert the ordinary mechanisms of visual addiction.
Therefore, the works on display aim at tracing an anthropological map of contemporary imaginary by revealing some traits of the visual unconscious, evoking the primary experiences of human existence in order to discover once again the irresistible fascination of archetypes in a world that is crowded with images.

Artists: Rebecca Agnes, Karin Andersen, Sergia Avveduti, Bianco Valente, Basmati, Riccardo Benassi, Filippo Berta, Davide Bertocchi, Botto & Bruno, Enrico Bressan, Alessandra Caccia, Stefano Cagol, Silvia Camporesi, T-Yong Chung, Luca Coclite, Audrey Coïaniz, Michael Fliri, Michela Formenti, Aldo Giannotti & Markus Hofer, Kensuke Koike, Giovanni Kronenberg, Marcantonio Lunardi, Marco Morandi, Virginia Mori, Bruno Muzzolini, Massimiliano Nazzi, Christian Niccoli, Gabriele Picco, Giovanna Ricotta, Donato Sansone, Angelo Sarleti, Natalia Saurin, Danilo Torre, Virgilio Villoresi, Debora Vrizzi, Diego Zuelli.

Un archetipo colpisce tutti, almeno una volta nella vita, e si trascorre il resto dell'esistenza reiterandolo, incantati e dannati a un'infinita monotonia. (Elémire Zolla)

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